Two Lessons I’ve Learned While Studying in Germany

Two Lessons I’ve Learned While Studying in Germany

It’s almost been two months here in Bremen for my high school abroad program in Germany! The time goes so quick, even though I’m doing normal daily things I would do back in Minnesota. Wake up; go to school; participate in extracurricular activities, etc. I notice though that I go to bed every day very tired, speaking a different language all the time even if you do feel comfortable with it is something that takes a lot of energy. Sitting in a biology class in the States would be stressful and confusing enough, now add in one of the most complicated languages and make me take a test, well you can guess the results aren’t spectacular. But one thing I have had to keep reminding myself about this experience is that I’m here to discover more about myself and not care what my grade is in biology. Taking a year abroad has taught me so much about how I deal with situations that appear in all of our lives.

  1. How do you handle a classroom full of kids who already know each other, and don’t need any more friends? How do you become friends with them?
    It’s not easy, but you can’t just sit there and expect them all to come up gushing to be your friend. You have to give your all every day to become a person they want to spend time with. I’m not saying you need to change yourself in anyway, just make sure they can get to know you and how frickin’ awesome it would be to be friends with you. Even if it’s not a classroom full of students, there will always be situations where you’re the newbie and you’re the one that needs friends.
  2. How do you make yourself at home in a home that will never be yours?
    Again, it’s not easy and I still don’t feel 100% comfortable in the house. My host family does everything in their power to minimize that, but I think it’s just something that comes with being an exchange student. You feel like you always need to be a little extra polite and maybe do that one extra chore.

There are plenty more lessons I have learned, but these are two that I’ve been learning the most about. Till next time I hope you’re having a good day!


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