Where Is The Time Going?!

Where Is The Time Going?!

I’m shocked to say that I’ve already been here in Spain for over a month! Everyday seems to be passing by quicker than the last. I thought I should share some pictures from my weekend in Sevilla. My host family and I drove down to Sevilla the weekend before last. The drive was only about 2hr 15min. We spent the day walking around the city looking at all the beautiful buildings and enjoying the sun. Such a beautiful city, it’s definitely on my list of places to go back to. While we were in Sevilla I got to meet up with a friend who had studied abroad in a town near mine in California that I had met through greenheart. It was was almost like a little break, talking to someone who knows what life is like back home. It made me not feel so far from home.
While Sevilla was amazing but short lived, I’m very thankful for having gotten to go. I have realized that while I’m not traveling throughout Spain I have a much more unique opportunity that I, unfortunately, will probably never have again, even if I study abroad in college. I get to be a part of another family, an insider to the culture. It’s a completely different experience than just visiting another country. I am living the daily life of a Spanish family, going to the high school, eating every meal with the family, being fully immersed in the culture. It’s very overwhelming at times but it’s more fulfilling. If someone were to ask me why they should study abroad in high school, I’d say just that. There’s really no other opportunity like it. Studying abroad in college I’m sure is an equally exciting experience but completely different, it’s more about the traveling and going to the university and the party of it all. Studying abroad in high school is really the chance to create a second home and family. Though I never knew how challenging it would be I’m very thankful to have the opportunity and trusted myself enough to take the leap.

Until next time (when I have enough energy to write haha)

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