O my Seoul – the palace, H&M, Taco Bell, and Zombies drinking coffee

O my Seoul – the palace, H&M, Taco Bell, and Zombies drinking coffee

On Sunday, we went to brunch and then walked to the subway, where we said good-bye to Marissa and Saree.  They were going back home early.

Amber, Rachel, and I decided to check out the big palace, Gyongbokgung (or Gyongbok) Palace.

The next picture is big because I wanted you to see the full magnitude.  “No bun, all meat!”  It looked absolutely disgusting…not to mention that it was a huge picture at 3 feet tall.

Check out what we saw in the subway!!! Catching Fire, here we come!

While we were walking to the subway, we came across this.  Cool, huh?

This was in the big square in front of the palace.

We came across the Korean Magazine Festival.

Many people were dressed up as who knows what.

Finally, we are at Gyongbok Palace.  It’s a royal palace that was built in 1395 by King Taejo, the first king and found of the Joseon Dynasty.   It served as the principal palace for about 300 years until 1592, when it was burned down during the Japanese invasion.  They have worked hard to restore it.  I think around 40% of the original buildings have been restored and are still standing today.

This little boy was SO stinkin’ cute.  He had his little stroller full of stuffed animals that he would parade around the palace.  His sister was carrying around a toy truck.

This tree reminded me of the trees in The Lorax.


A peasant’s house…

This area was the historical village, where they had the buildings set up to look like a village from the several decades ago.  I loved this part.

Of course, I had to get a dog picture in…

We came across this random group of people dancing.  I think they were practicing for a flash mob.

On our way to lunch…this little guy was chilling at the dog house while his parents drank coffee at the cafe.

H&M?  Yes, please!!!  Of course, we did some damage there.

Taco Bell?  Yes, please!!!  Yum…

The studio where Eat Your Kimchi films.  Eat Your Kimchi is a website blog that was started by an EPIK couple several years ago.  They came over to teach English with EPIK, started this blog, and it became so famous that they quit teaching and just live here and do their blog now.

Here is their website: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/

We went into Gap.  If you thought Gap clothes were expensive in the states, you should see the prices in Korea!

And I will leave you with a picture of Katniss.  Did I mention that I get to see the movie BEFORE you in the states?  Yes, I’m bragging a little.  There are about 30 of us that are going to the midnight movie of Catching Fire.  I am so excited!

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