Last Few Weeks in Thailand

Last Few Weeks in Thailand

Sorry guys…But there hasn’t been much happening on the Thaifront. I’ve been wrapping up the end of the term, getting my last minutes in with friends that are headed home, and still trying to plan out the next step.

It’s a little hectic over here with the end of the school year coming up. Classes unexpectedly cancelled, tracking down students that I haven’t seen in weeks to get them to take their exam, awards and prizes being given out to everyone all the time. Everyone seems to be in a good mood though.

I had my last classes with my students last week. My emotions linked to that thought depend on which class we are referring to. There are the classes that I wouldn’t go as far saying I will miss them and the classes that tried their hardest to get on my nerves right until the last minute. And then there are these guys…

My 4/1’s..the class that stole my heart.

Let’s talk for a minute about how darling these guys are. They made me a memory book filled with a picture and a note from each of them about how much they are going to miss me. They all insisted that I have a picture with each of them individually. When the last bell rang on our last day of class nobody moved.  They all just sat and stared at me with sad eyes after I said goodbye. Eventually someone spoke up with a simple “teacher, no” and I almost lost it.

This week the teachers are grading their exams, which I have already finished so I have loads of free time. I have to go into school at some point everyday to sign in… not 100% why. But after I show my face I get to leave and do as I please. I spent today walking around the city visiting a few temples.

My timeline:
13 more days in Nakhon
14 days until mom and dad arrive
25 days left in Thailand

I don’t like goodbyes and I don’t do well with transitions so we’ll see how well we can keep these weeks anxiety free.


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