Five Months isn’t Long Enough in Argentina

Five Months isn’t Long Enough in Argentina

I have been here for a while now, and have gotten used to and am enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of high school in Argentina. We had convivencia today, so we did not have school. Instead, we went to a campsite to bond and chill. We didn’t have school Thursday or Friday either! We have many holidays here, apparently, which is fine with me. My family and I are going to Bariloche for the long weekend. I have “traveled locally” outside of Junin, to San Martin de los Andes and to this incredible lake below a volcano. My sister and I sat on boulders and talked while she tanned, and I got burned.

I can officially say I have friends here, which is exciting!! I go out to lunch with friends, and after school I go with a group of my classmates to someone’s house, or we meet on the weekends to go out or “do homework.” Anyway, I am adjusting well and I can’t believe that in two days, I will have been in Argentina for a month. Five months no longer seems long enough…

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