Continuing the adventure

Continuing the adventure

Hey guys, long time no see?

My laptop is a piece of junk, and I’ve been trying to make this post for a while, but it just wouldn’t work.
So, here you go.
Made some spaghetti on the last night at my old host family.

My classroom for now, I start real classes next week.

View from my room

Octopus isn’t cooked when eaten… I learned that the hard way

Kit kats have flavors here! This one is green tea!

Mmm, squid
One of my host brothers and sister. Eating ice cream bread rolls, suprisingly good!

Helped my other brother build some shelves

A cool pic of rain at さがみーおの駅 (sagami-Ono station)

My 1st graders kanji book

I can read this!

Remember kids, no drug. 

No caption needed.

I found the biggest can of coke I have ever seen.

I made spaghetti again. I grew tired of octopus.

Me and Caleb walked around Shibuya yesterday, somehow we came across a Belgian beer fest, with live music!

Did we have to enforce the stereotype?

Me and Caleb also found an Elvis impersonator band in Shibuya

Caleb made a friend on the train. 

We went bowling today.
By the way I got on the bowling team at school somehow haha.
Japan has it figured out.
Thanks for reading today’s blog guys! It really means a lot to me!
My email is, If you feel like talking to me!

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