My First Week in Japan

My First Week in Japan

Hey Everyone! Sorry I know its been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been trying to work into the system. So my bad, I’ll try to make sure I make posts more often!

So, since  I last posted, quite a few things have happened. Also, I’m sorry but I haven’t had my camera on me for most of these things.  (I’ll try to bring it with me more often).

Since I met my host family, we went to a waterpark/amusement park. It was alot of fun, we went on some waterslides, rollercoasters, and went into the wave pools.

After that, I’ve since began to learn my area of Tokyo, and become better at riding the train. One night we also went and ate at this Korean restaurant which was very interesting because first off, you sit at a table that isn’t very high off the ground and you sit on cushions instead of chairs. Second off, they would bring you lots of uncooked meat and you would cook it yourself with these small grills in the table. Very interesting!

Hunter and I also took an adventure to Shinjuku station, which is surrounded by many different stores and buildings and is near the heart of Tokyo. I did take a few pictures on my phone of this, but It’s not letting them add those right now, so I’ll try later. Anyways, we got to see quite a few things while we were there. We headed to Cocoon Tower, which is very interesting. Also, We went to a Cat Cafe. An interesting experience to say the least, there were just cats walking around everywhere and you would order a drink and feed/pet the cats. We also ate some food while we in Shinjuku.

Also, I’ve had my first 2 days of school, which have been fun. Its been tough to understand the classes, but it should be an interesting year! And yes, I have been making friends.

As far as other things go, my host family is great, and they help me out a lot since I can’t understand a whole lot. My host mother and I will just start laughing with each other whenever I can’t understand things or say something funny, so its been a great experience so far!

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