The Departure to Japan

The Departure to Japan

by Brenna O’Brien, CCI Greenheart Travel High School Exchange Student in Japan

I can taste it. Japan is literally moments away. My bags are packed and I’ve said my goodbyes, now all that is left for me to do is go. Even though I’ve prepared myself mentally, culturally, linguistically, and financially for this since the sixth grade, I have no idea what to expect. That is probably for the best, because, it is in the unexpected things where we find adventure.

I have thought about this coming week for years. Played it over and over and considered all possible scenarios. Japan has been my personal grail for my whole middle and high school career. It is an elusive country; its inimitable mix between east and west, old and new is a thing unto itself. It pulls me like a moth to a flame. Although it was the traditional aspect of Japan that first sparked my interest, I have grown to find the pop culture and technology fascinating and dazzling. Having studied it from a far for so many years, I am eager to jump in and witness what Japan is, for myself.

This past month people have been asking me again and again if I’m getting scared: to be gone for so long, speak a completely foreign language, and live with another family. The way I feel in response to these questions is perfectly summed up by this quote…

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

So it is now time to set out into the world and ride the wave. Let’s see where I land! がんばりますよ!


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