New Classes and Friends on the First Day of School in New Zealand

New Classes and Friends on the First Day of School in New Zealand

by Paige Diller, CCI/Greenheart Travel high school abroad participant in New Zealand

A beautiful sunset paints the New Zealand night sky.

Well, I’ve been in school here in New Zealand for a few days now. I’ve gotten all my stationary and have gotten pretty settled into my classes. I’ve met some really nice girls who I’ve been having lunch with and “tea time” (our mid morning break time). My teachers for the most part are very nice and the work load isn’t too bad. Overall, I’ve been having a great time. I’m still adjusting to the climate. At the moment my fingers are a little cold… Today has probably been the coldest since I’ve been here, but not intolerable.

Since I’ve arrived, I’ve gotten some new shoes and a new scarf, as my other shoes hurt to walk in, and my neck was getting a little cold…

Every morning Yuna and I walk 10 minutes to school. We’ll usually go to the international room before class. I’ve made friends with some of the German exchange students. They are very sweet. I am taking photography, history, classical studies, outdoor education, and English. Going into my classes for the first time was definitely an experience as I was asked question after question ranging from “Where do you live?” and “You’re American!?” to “Have you ever been to Las Vegas?” And “Do you know what Rugby is?” Though, I must admit, I did enjoy all the questions. Many of them were year 9 or 10 boys who thought they could confuse me and ask me a bunch of questions really fast. I think I surprised them when I had an answer to everything and wasn’t intimidated by them.

I’ve very much enjoyed spending time with the German students. They are in the same boat as me, being new and such, so it’s nice to talk to them and get to know them. One girl I’ve met, Asja, is very sweet, and tomorrow we are planning to go into town with Yuna and shop. Since Asja and I don’t know where we are going, Yuna will be our guide for the day.

Other than school, not much has happened. I feel like I have meshed into normal family life and school life pretty easily. I feel at home here, though I do dearly miss my family and friends in Salisbury. I’m looking forward to the weekend, as I could really use some rest. This Saturday evening is also a big rugby game. I’m sure that will be exciting. (Though honestly, I’m looking forward to a break from school more than anything. I’m not sure my body has adjusted to the time difference quiet yet….this past night I got 11 hours of sleep and still overslept… Mum had to wake me up).

4 thoughts on "New Classes and Friends on the First Day of School in New Zealand"

  1. Shasha Molly says:

    hi nice blog,,but im already visit there,now im planning to visit rather than Cambodia or Vietnam next 2 months, does anyone know how to apply visa? I’m google around and came across, does anyone try this website before? Is it reliable?

  2. The Rugby game sounds like fun, I have friends here who play and they love it. I keep meaning to see a game. What’s the temperature like? (I got that it’s cold, but is it winter like or just really cold fall day?) Way to go with keeping your head with the questions, I’m glad that you aren’t feeling overwhelmed by the experience. Hang in there with getting accustomed to the hours and have a great weekend! Shopping will be a blast. Love you and stay safe!

  3. Dana (mom) says:

    Glad to to hear all is going well….looking forward to talking to you this weekend to catch up on all you are doing. How exciting to hear that you got some SNOW in NZ. Maybe we will hear about that in your next post with some pictures.

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