Spring in Spain Smells Exactly the Same as Home

Spring in Spain Smells Exactly the Same as Home

Spring smells exactly the same. That’s the biggest thing that has struck me so far these past couple of weeks. I traveled halfway around the world, and it’s all the same: the birds are chirping, the grass is growing and the ‘after the rain’ smell hangs permanently in the air. The only difference is that when you almost get hit by a car for paying too much attention to the smell of the air, and not enough to where you’re walking, the language that is yelled is Spanish, and not politely either.

I shouldn’t say that. The Spanish aren’t rude; just outspoken, which I’m learning to love. I’m learning to love a lot of things; the leisurely lifestyle, the almost claustrophobic narrow streets; even the millions of tiny yippy dogs that bark at absurd hours have become a familiar background noise. And I can definitely say that I do NOT miss the Regents exams.

Actually, in my grade (the equivalent of a sophomore if you weren’t aware), we don’t have any big end of the year tests. Sure, we probably have a big recap test (although it hasn’t been brought up so far), but there are no province or government-mandated exams. Score! So far this trimester, the tests that we have had have been few and far between, and easy too. Even our teachers have spring fever.

The days and weeks keep flying by (though amazingly not the hours of class.) All the people of Zafra promise that the famed heat is coming soon, after our two weeks of torrential rain. Based on the recent weather, I would have to believe them.

I’m truly sorry that I can’t offer more excitement than that which comes with talking about the weather, but I’m out of things to add. I’ve had an extraordinarily ordinary week within this extraordinarily un-ordinary experience, and while I’m all for adventure, I’m perfectly content to just be here as well.


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