Another Great Swedish Weekend

Another Great Swedish Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend – I know I did!

Saturday morning I went to the flea market sale with the family. It was pretty big success, we sold a lot of stuff and the weather was really nice. A lot of people said that the weather was so nice out that it did not work in the flea markets favor because instead of coming and spreading their afternoon at the flea market everyone would rather be out walking, biking, and enjoying the weather!

photo 248

photo 254After the flea market I headed home and had some lunch, before my friends picked me up for a fun girls night.

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photo 250
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We had a barbeque outside with hamburgers (I had a salad that was just as tasty). We spent the evening hanging out on the patio, talking, and just enjoying each others company. It was really nice to just chill out and relax. At night we watched the Euro Vision Final which is actually a huge thing here in Sweden. All 20 countries performed their top songs and then a winner was picked based off of the countries votes. This year the winner was Austria.


I cam home pretty late and slept in this morning. After a nice lazy breakfast with the family, Bea and I headed off to watch MeiMei and Olivias soccer games. Mei Meis team kicked but and won 14-1 (that is the team I help coach)!

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Once the games were finished, we headed home to enjoy some of Beas famous fish soup. Yum. Plans for the rest of the include, reading, cleaning, and maybe a little bike ride. I am still trying to rest my foot as much as possible, so it can be better for the Euro Trip!

Dinner tonight will be smoked Mackerel. I am very excited to try mackerel as I have never had it before – it smells amazing so I can only imagine that it will taste as good!


Swedish Word of the Day:  “mors dag” – Mother’s Day! Although in Sweden Mother’s Day is technically celebrated on May 25th, I thought I would choose this word today so I can properly wish my mom back home a Happy Mothers Day! I truly have been blessed with the best mom ever. She puts up with all of my craziness and is always there when I need her. Kind, caring, loving, the list goes on and on. Most of all, I want to thank you mom for trusting me enough and making my dream of study abroad come true. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to let me go and live halfway across the world alone for 6 months, but I have learned and grown so much from this experience and it has forever changed me for the better. Mom, I love you SO much and although it makes me sad that I cannot be home and give you a giant hug today, I know that we will be reunited soon! So thank you, for being the best mom I ever could have asked for, I hope you have an amazing day and while I know I do not tell you this enough, just remember that I love you – forever & always.


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