Biking and Fika

Biking and Fika

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Hey everyone, hope all is well. I have been having a fabulous long weekend. On May 1st (Thursday) the family plus MorMor and Douglas drove out to a beautiful forest to have the first outdoor fika of the year! This is a very Swedish thing to go out on the first of May to a forest in the middle of no where and have a fika. Even if it is raining, snowing, or super cold, every year the Swedes brave the weather determined to signify the start of Spring. Although it was not as warm as we had hoped, there was no rain and the sun was out so I am not complaining.

After out nice relaxing afternoon, we headed home so I could meet up with my friend Ellen, who came to spend the night. She got to Varberg around 4 and the weather was gorgeous so we decided to go for a long bike ride. We biked for over an hour, just following random paths in the forest and talking about everything. Ellen will be joining me on the Euro Tour which starts in less than 2 months! Crazy how fast time is going. Anyway, after our bike ride we came home to have a yummy dinner with my family made up of grilled chicken, salmon patties, broccoli pie (quiche), a bean salad, and a giant regular salad. Needless to say it is clear I am not food deprived in my Swedish house hold.

This morning when we woke up the weather was great and the sun was out so we decided to go for another bike ride in a different direction. I think that it is so nice here, all of the bike and walking paths that they have in Sweden. They are so safe, the scenery is always breathe taking, and the coolest part is that there are so many paths that you can literally follow them and walk all the way to Stockholm if you wanted to.

After our second bike ride we came home packed a picnic basket and headed off to have a picnic lunch with some of my friends here in town. We brought a big blanket and just laid out, ate, and talked. It was a great afternoon. Unfortunately by 4 it was time for Ellen to pack up and head back home. After saying good byes I headed off to my spin class, then came home had some dinner, and now I am on the couch relaxing. All of that biking wore me out!

Tomorrow is a big day for me as I am interning at Lilla Bruket. I will leave for Halmstad (a big city 30 min south of Varberg) at 8am and not return home until late evening. I really do not know much about what exactly I will be doing, but I am super excited non the less! I will be sure to take lots of pictures if I can and fill all of you in about what I did on Sunday.


Swedish Word of the Day: “cykel” – bike. A real hard one to guess – I know.

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