Pizza–1 Hannah–0

Pizza–1 Hannah–0

Today I was all set to do a fabulous blog post about what an amazing experience I had in the Swedish Sauna yesterday, but that simply will have to wait because I have something much more important to discuss – pizza.

It was your typical Monsdag (Monday). I slept in, as my classes did not start till 9, had a little Frukost (breakfast), and walked over to school. After working on a Sociology project all morning, or rather my classmates worked and I merely translated things, we decided it was time for lunch. Everyone agreed that we needed some good old grease and carbs to make it through the rest of this dreary day so we headed over to the local pizza place. My life was forever changed after that.

Upon entering I was greeted with a smell so luscious, cheesy, garlicky, and warm I thought for sure it was heaven itself. I looked up toward the menu and that is when my jaw dropped. There were 50 different pizzas to choose from! Not to mention they also had salad, pasta, and sandwiches to choose from. Here a few examples of some of the pizzas:

Africana – ham, peanuts, bananas, pineapple, with a curry sauce

Mama Mia – mushrooms, beef tenderloin, garlic, gorgonzola, with a special béarnaise sauce

89000 Special – minced meat, French fries, peperoni, various cheeses, with kebab sauce

Columbus – shrimp, crawfish, crab, mussels, tuna, and garlic

I am sure by now I have everyone’s mouth watering, so I will put you all out of your misery and stop there. That just gives you a little taste of what I was dealing with. So we all ordered our pizzas and went to go sit down. After a few minutes of small talk, our orders were ready. I stood up to go grab them and was very confused. I thought for sure they had gotten our orders wrong because what lay before me were 5 FULL SIZED pizzas. Not slices, not giant slices, not even Ians pizza size slices, I am talking full blown 14 ‘ pizzas. Free pizzas at that because of the deal with the school and the restaurants.

After stuffing my face, I was not sure that I would ever be able to move again. I slumped in my chair with my hands on my belly in a position of defeat. The pizza had won this time, but not to worry I would be back – after all I still had 49 pizzas left to try!

All in all I am not sure if this glorious find was a blessing or a curse. My taste buds have never been happier, but if I am not careful my jeans will soon be a lot tighter!


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