Sharing My Exchange Experience With Others in Sweden

Sharing My Exchange Experience With Others in Sweden
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One of the best things about being an Exchange Student is being able to share your experiences/culture with others. Humans are curious creatures by nature – when we find something/someone new and different it is our natural instinct to want to learn more about it. My classmates and host family have taught me so much about Sweden/Swedish culture and today it was my turn to give back and teach everyone a little about America!

I spent all day at Påskbergsskolan talking to the oldest kids (8th/9th graders) about what life in America was like. I discussed things such as lifestyle differences, how the foods differed, and compared the schools. I also dedicated a small portion to talking about what life as an exchange student is like and why they should all consider it!

I really had so much fun talking to all of the kids. They were so engaged and genuinely interested – at the end many stayed to ask extra questions as well.

Being an exchange student it is so important to not only learn, but, also teach others. To spread knowledge and share experiences that you may have gained. Talk about your home country, the different cultures, teach others a different way of doing things.

I am so glad to have gotten the opportunity to speak to these kids today. If there are any fellow exchange students reading this right now, I really suggest you reach out and talk to local schools in town and ask if you can come and talk to a few classes. I know it may make some nervous to present in front of others, but it really is a great learning experience for both you and the students. Not to mention it is a great way to give back to your host town and spread knowledge.

Here is a link so you all can see the slide show I presented. I tried to use minimal words and instead did a lot of talking myself – sharing stories, giving examples, things like that to keep the kids entertained instead of just reading off of the slides. (I can thank the mandatory speech class we are required to take at WFB for learning that)



Swedish Word of the Day: “utbytesstudent” – exchange student

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