Swedish Circus

Swedish Circus
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Or rather Cirkus I should say because that is how they spell it in Swedish. Last night Bea, the kids, Mor Mor, and I all headed into town  to go and see the wondrous works of Cirkus Brazil Jack.

When most people think of the circusthe imagine that comes to their mind invloves Elephants, Lions, and all sorts of other giant, wild animals. Well I had to break it to you all, but if you go to any circus in Sweden you will find none of that because it has been outlawed. The only animals that are allowed to partake in shows are domestic ones such as dogs and horses.

I personally agree with this 100%. While I will admit that it is exciting to see elephants balance on balls and bearded men battle with lions, it is no way for those animals to live. Spending their days in cages, being forced to do ridiculous tasks in front of thousands of people, not to mention the physical abuse these animals receive behind the scenes – it just is not right.

I have been to a circus back in America when I was younger. I do not remember much because it was a long time ago, but I do remember that everything was so grand. It took place in a big stadium with rows of seating and crazy lights flashing from every direction. The music was blaring those classic circus tunes and there were people walking on wires hung from the ceiling. The circus I saw last night could not have been more different.

First off there is no stadium or anything like that, instead just a small tent. In the middle lays a single ring, surround by bleachers that contain maybe 300 fans. The lighting is minimal, saw dust covers the dirt floor, and the music is performed by a live band. Overall the feeling is very quaint, it is exactly what I would imagine a circus to be like if I went to one 50 years ago.

There were around five main acts that consisted of men doing flips while standing on horses, a bunch of huskies sliding down a slid, a balancing act, arcobates, and some funny clown stints mixed in along the way. There was your typical Circus food of popcorn, cotton candy, and hotdogs as well.

Overall it was a really nice night and I am very glad I got to experience it. I tried to take some pictures to show you all, but the lightning was pretty bad so you will have to forgive me.


A really bad quality picture of MorMor and I.
Inside the arena
Person selling ballons
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