5 Things Americans Should Learn from Italians

5 Things Americans Should Learn from Italians

From two weeks of being in Italy on my language homestay program, I have concluded that the best way to travel abroad truly is to live with a family or a group of natives. You learn 10x more knowledge from observation, being forced to speak the language and going outside of your typical American tourist bubble. It has been days where I have merely had dinner with Stefania’s friends or went to some type of local event that I have felt so incredibly fulfilled.

On multiple occasions we have had dinner with Stefania’s great friends, Eliana, her husband Davida and their daughter Julia and my experiences with them has taught me more about the pace of the Italian life and what they hold most important.

Our first lunch all together brought yummy eggplant parmesana, cannolis Julia giving me the BEST homemade gift ever that I am excited to bring back to the States and wonderful conversation. Inspired, I’ve comprised a list of some things we need to learn from Italians.

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