Three Lessons in Taormina

Three Lessons in Taormina

“It’s not the places you’ll remember, it’s that conversations you had at the cousin’s girlfriend’s dad’s pub.”

Last night I had a choice. I could go have dinner with another family during my language homestay in Italy, or I could take a road trip to Taormina with my friend, Anthony and some of his friends. I have been wanting to go to Taormina and between the two busses it would take to get there to the idea of traveling solo and they said we could reschedule the dinner so I decided that it would be way more fun to go with a group, especially one I already knew.

On the phone, I finally answered Anthony, “When in Roma!” Okay, so we weren’t in Rome, we were in Taormina, which by the way is a beautiful little Harry Potter town at night. But it was still way better going in a group than solo.

It’s the whole concept of, is life about the experience or the people? To me, I think people make an experience.

This has come up a lot in my life, with one of my friends in particular who would always say, “Wow, that’s such a great experience,” or “okay, let’s do it, it’s an experience,” and I started to feel that he only wanted to go on adventures with me because I would, and because it was “an experience,” whereas to me it was more important to become closer to my friends and doing cool things was just another way of connecting with them.

With that being said, Taormina was awesome because of the group I was with. We started with what was deemed the “best cannoli’s in the world,” to going somewhere for our “before dinner,” where we had coffee and hot chocolate and ended up on some random Reality TV Show for an island off the coast of Sicily.

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