In 2015, Let’s Make a Resolution to Promote World Peace

In 2015, Let’s Make a Resolution to Promote World Peace

At the onset of 2015, we have much to be grateful for and much to remind us of the challenges confronting our planet.  At the current pace, demographers project that the world’s population will reach 9 billion in 25 brief years – three times what it was when I was born a half century ago.

To accommodate a burgeoning population, it is increasingly essential that we learn to live in harmony and cooperation with one another, becoming more generous and aware of others and their needs.  At present, there is some good news to this regard.  The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization informs us that world hunger has dropped 40% since the 1990’s.  This means that 210 million fewer people suffer from malnutrition than two decades ago.   According to the World Food Program, the world currently produces more than enough food to provide the recommended 2100 calories a day needed to feed every sentient being, and impressive advances in food production mean that it will be possible to feed all of earth’s children in 2040.  Our duty will be to assure a more equitable distribution of that bounty and a greatly increased stewardship of the earth’s resources.

Equally vital to our planet’s viability going forward, will be our success in encouraging deeper understanding between populations, allowing us to focus on collaboration and cooperation, and eliminating the combativeness that results in the displacement and disenfranchisement of an unforgiveable number of people in the world today.   By accepting our differences and embracing our commonalities as human beings, we are capable of making enormous inroads toward protecting all of our futures.

Each of us plays a critical role in ensuring the health and sustainability of the planet and experiencing new countries and cultures will be a vital part of the solutions that the world so desperately requires.  Carrying out our mission to connect people and planet to create global leaders, Greenheart International has served over 100,000 cultural exchange participants since its inception.  Conservatively calculating that each participant has touched the lives of ten people during the course of their experience, our Greenheart alumni have helped to build bridges of understanding between more than a million people around the globe.

Our objective in 2015 and beyond is to create even more meaningful opportunities for people of all ages and nationalities to become the global leaders that will be required to transition successfully into a fast-changing and over-crowded world.  Through the exchange of languages, perceptions and cultures facilitated in increasingly impactful ways, Greenheart is committed to leading the way to breaking down barriers and helping to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

With sincere gratitude for all that each of you do in promoting world peace,

Laura Rose

Chief Executive Officer
Greenheart International

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