I only celebrated Halloween in my 5th and 6th grade classes which made me feel sorry for the 3rd and 4th grade classes. We had a Halloween party for the my Kids on the 29th a few days before Halloween because of when I actually met the kids for class. The kids were expecting to really get in the Halloween spirit by dressing up as something bloody but I passed on that and just wore a witches’s hat.

So we started our class a mystery box where the students were blind folded and had to guess what “body part” was inside of the box. Some students got really freaked out when I enjoyed ahah. I did a powerpoint that explained what Halloween was and it’s meanings along with some Halloween vocabulary and a game to tie it all in. The highlight of the class was when we did a rely game of bobbing for apple and toilet paper mummies. My kids seemed to really enjoy it. So it was nice to seem them laugh and have fun. Of course we ended class by trick-or-treating for some candy.

English classroom all decked out!

On the actually Halloween I headed to Seoul once again to celebrate it with my friends. I’m not gonna lie it turned out to be a complete mess. My group of friends and I were going to do a group costume of the seven dwarfs from snow white. Total fail, we only had 4 dwarfs show up ahha. anyhoo. We headed to Itaewaon for the night and there was SOOOOOOO much people there. I dont understand. Korea doesn’t even celebrate Halloween why was the entire Korean youth out that night. Not the best Halloween, but I was with my friends so it doesn’t matter we still manage some how to make it fun from time to time.

cant you tell how dead we are by the end of the night?

so much more next time.


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