Catching Up in South Korea

Catching Up in South Korea

FYI: My goal is to update my blog once a week, and I’ll try my very best to keep that up. ;)

Things are starting to slow down a bit. Everyone seems like they’re starting to settle down in their cites and at their schools. But I think that it’s taking me a little  bit longer for my friends. I’m gonna lie, I had a tough week, and it was only week two of teaching. And I literally broke down Tuesday? Wednesday? I think because my apartment doesn’t feel 100%  like home or mine yet. I was still living out of my suitcase and I didn’t know what I had or didn’t have because I didn’t unpack yet. I couldn’t I didn’t have a closet to put my things away in. Before we get into details of how my week went here’s just a little recap of my second weekend in Daegu.

Last Saturday, I went into Daegu again to get an official tour of the city for Hyesu, Nicole’s friend back home who lives in Daegu. Knowing the luck I’ve been having in Korea, our plans didn’t turn out as planned but that’s okay. We made it work.

I went into Daegu with only about 20,000 won which is about 20 dollars. My friends are so amazing, I explained to them what happened and that wasn’t a problem. They made sure that I didn’t starve or get stranded. We all gathered together and then finally met Hyesu where she took up on the bus to Aspan Mountain, and this was my first experience on Korea’s buses, different from the buses in LA for sure. It was pretty cool. We rode a cable car up to the top and was able to see the entire city from above. I was able to finally realize or in reality really see how everyone in Korea is crammed together in such a small place.

We then made our way to Seomun market, where I really wished that we could had spend some more time it. Think about a ตลาดน้ำ in Thailand and that’s where we were. It was kind of more of an introduction to the market and had to come back another time to really get into it.  Later we found Peter at the train subway station and made our way to bbq for dinner. Which I own Peter a special thank you for paying for my meal. They rest of the night is history. We went around downtown Daegu where we found a bar where we played beer pong and ran into other EPIK teachers.

Today, I cleaned up and put away as much things that I could. And I feel better. Much better. My closet will be here very soon. And as small as that sounds, I’m excited. I can but away my suit cases and my things. My apartment can become more of mine.

OH! Before I forget I wanted to share a little project that I’m doing while I spend my year in Korea. I left my home, family, friends, a job, and everything I know and love for a year and move to a place where I don’t know anyone, where I don’t know the language either. Why? To teach English in Korea’s public schools. In a place where there is soooooooo much pressure on students and their education, it’s kind of scary. But I did it anyways. I’m going to spend 365 days here. So, I might as well make it work. A year is going to go by fast, and I want to remember it. Here’s what I started. Everyday I write down one or two sentences of something that I did, saw, experience, anything really that happened to me that day and I put it into a jar. Good, bad, big, small, it doesn’t matter, because it’s a memory that I want to remember for whatever reason I wrote it down. I was looking for a nice jar or a mason jar but just couldn’t find one. So I’m using this bottle I found at the market, besides the point it still works. What I’m trying to say is make each moment count.

more next time.


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