On Thanksgiving since it was on a Thursday and all of my friends actually work and that Korea doesn’t celebrate Korea I had work. But I did treat myself to a new hair dye. So I got rid of my hombre and went darker. I went in to the hair salon really testing how good my Korea is ahah. I told the guy what I wanted and he seemed to understand me. What I wanted was this dark brownish color. Showed him a picture and explained my hair was blenched and I think he understood. In end, it didn’t turn out as I wanted ahah BUT I still really like it. So it’s kinds two-toned right now. With my roots lightened and where the blond was darkened. But when I saw the color of my hair in good lighting I kinda understood how he came to this conclusion. ahah

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. When we first moved into our apartments when back in February and we all established the size of our apartments I called it. I said that I wanted to host our Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment in November. And all of my friends were on board with it. But in the end didn’t end up having it at my apartment. And I’m not gonna lie when I say I was pretty upset about that. It really pissed me off. My friends knew that how much I was looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving at my apartment and having them finally come over. But I couldn’t just say no when my friends was to migrate our Thanksgiving dinner to Cody’s place in Daegu. In the end it really turned out great. I was the first time in a long time that all of us were together so that’s all that matters.

After an AMAZING dinner we headed downtown for some norabang of of course! ahah I love my friends.

Now for the cheesy part. This year I’m thankful for… 

First and foremost, my family. I thankful that I’m healthy that I’m able to get up everyday and be able to do what I do. This amazing opportunity. I’ve been give a change to make and difference in a way that I wouldn’t be able to back home. This opportunity has given me the chance to grow as a person. To actually find myself, which I’m still doing.

I’m forever thankful.

so much more next time.


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