Trying new things in teaching

Trying new things in teaching

I am one of those teachers who is constantly looking for new things to try in the classroom.  Teaching blind students in Korea has been no different.

I have been looking for new ways for my students to practice their ABC’s, and I found this awesome ABC puzzle at Daiso for only 5,000 won (about $5.00).

The students love to put it together in ABC order, say the letters, and then take it apart again.

We made an ABC train in one class.

I asked them, “Which letter comes next?” and we would sing the ABC song until we got to the next letter.  I have sung the ABC song so many times now that it’s permanently stuck inside my head.

In my High School 1 class, we were focusing on building vocabulary and English conversation.  Somehow we got to talking about emotions and practiced making faces showing our different emotions.  We have happy, mad, surprised, and scared.

While I am working with the girls, Gayong is working with the other half of the class in the other half of the room.  We always split the class into two groups because every class has high students and low students.  I usually work with the low students, except on Thursdays and Fridays when I get to work with the girls in High School 1.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to take my camera to lunch with me.  This was a good lunch.  Although the ham had quite a bit of fat, it was really good.  I’m all for some good protein.  The little snacks to the right of the ham were yummy.  I even went back for seconds…which was the first time I have ever gone back for seconds.

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