Why I Would Choose Greenheart Travel Again and Again

Why I Would Choose Greenheart Travel Again and Again

Initially, I had chosen Greenheart Travel’s Teach in Thailand program for one reason: a 6 month contract. I knew I wanted to go abroad but I also wasn’t sure that I could handle a whole year away and Greenheart Travel’s program was one of the only ones that offered a shorter contract.

I applied, sent in all my documents, paid my deposit, and got interviewed. It was all pretty standard, and within two weeks I got the email from the Thailand Program Manager, Sara. I remember this moment so vividly. I was loading my Trader Joe’s groceries into my forest-green 1996 Oldsmobile and my iPhone chimed. I sat down in my hot car, opened up my email, and read what I had been dreading for weeks:

“Hello! I hope you’re doing well! You are receiving this email because you have recently inquired about the Greenheart Travel Teach in Thailand. Due to extremely high demand for the Teach in Thailand October start date, our applications for the original placements have been filled.”

Just a few months before, I had been rejected to teach English in France through the French government and had been so devastated by it; I was sincerely trying to not get my hopes up with this program. However, it’s hard to pretend to not want something you really, really want. As I was reading the email, I started to tear up and began wondering what the hell I was going to do next. Thailand was going to be my big adventure! I wanted to be out of my comfort zone for a little while, be completely on my own and challenge myself but the universe kept sending me a different message. I was so bummed.10390886_1416028715351265_8639835264866053004_n

I was just coming to terms with getting a boring desk job when I started reading the fourth sentence:

“However, we are eager to provide an option for those of you who are still interesting in teaching in Thailand this fall, so we have developed another program in Thailand that is even more comprehensive! Please email me if you would like to apply for our new start date.

Uhh, yes! Yes I still wanted to go!

I emailed Sara right away to say I was still very interested and she called me almost immediately. She explained how they had not anticipated so many applicants, so they decided to add a whole new start date to make sure everyone who wanted to go, could go. She also explained that since I had been qualified for the already-filled start date, she was going to accept me right away onto the new one.

Not only was I elated because I was actually and for serious going to Thailand, but I was grateful that I was working with a company who cared so much. They cared that so many people wanted to go on this crazy Thailand adventure; they added a new program at the last minute. Sara cared enough to take time out of her (what I can imagine was a hectic) day to call me as quickly as possible to reassure me of my status as a future teacher.

And the caring didn’t stop even after I had paid my program fees. Sara was in constant contact with me and any question I had was answered within hours. This kind of attention wasn’t an exception, either. The other Greenheart Travel teachers that I met at orientation were also amazed at how quickly and efficiently their questions and concerns were answered. Now that I work with Sara, (I’m currently an intern in their teach abroad department) I see just how many inquiries, questions, concerns and general madness that comes through the travel abroad office from all of our programs and I’m still amazed at how effectively and swiftly they are all addressed.

The few months leading up to my departure date is when I really started to realize why Greenheart Travel was such a good choice. They know the importance of having a community and connecting with other people, especially for those embarking on new adventures. They have Facebook groups for past, present and future teachers where teachers can ask about what to pack, or who had advice on what classroom materials to bring, or “Hey! Who wants to meet up in Bangkok early before orientation starts?!”  At one point I got an email from Sara telling me about other Greenheart Travel teachers that were on my flight from Chicago to Bangkok. I had new friends awaiting me at the airport just moments after leaving behind everything that was familiar to me. They want their teachers to be happy and will do what they can to make that happen.

Six months ago I chose Greenheart Travel for a single, insignificant reason. Today, I would choose them because I know I can’t find this kind of heart at any other company. They are invested in who they send out into the world because they want those people to make a change, however big or small.

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