Meeting Friends and Family in Germany

Meeting Friends and Family in Germany

I arrived at my host family home yesterday for the start of my high school abroad program in Germany. We were so busy working around the bus strike that me and Khem (from Thailand) didn’t arrive until around 2:00 pm when we should have arrived at 12:00 pm or so. Once we had made it to the train station in Mainz, I met Bodo and Svea in person for the first time. It was wonderful to finally meet the people I had been in contact with for such a long time, and Svea and I had gotten along so well online that I knew already we would be friends.

We dropped Khem off at his host father’s house, which is about five minutes from mine, and then headed home. We are on the top floor so that means climbing a lot of stairs, and I unpacked. We sat down to have drinks, have snacks, and talk. Once we were done I quietly read in the family room, and took a short nap on accident (Whoops!), but after that the house was full of people. Per (my host brother) came back from Ecuador yesterday and a few of his and Svea’s friends came over for dinner and went out for drinks. Unfortunately, I could not accompany because Bodo, Birgit, and I went for a walk around Wiesbaden. There were many interesting churches and they explained the shops and layout of the town. Once we got home I was so tired, I walked up to my room and fell right asleep.

Today, I got up and the family, some friends, and I went to an American sports restaurant to have brunch.  There was an all you can eat buffet with everything from pancakes to ribs. Some of the foods I had never seen. I tried as many as I could but I became very full and the line was long. After that we came home and Svea and I watch “Die Tribute von Panem” which is the first Hunger Games movie in German. Sometime we plan on watching the second. After that we had a birthday celebration for Per, Bodo, and Birgit because all of their birthdays have past. We had a marzipan cake and they received presents. After that I tried to Skype my best friend and my parents but they did not answer. Khem came over at about 8:00 with his host dad because Birgit is Khem’s local coordinator. I wonder when my coordinator will come and visit? Tomorrow we start school and I am really excited, but I need to go to bed now.


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