Paying it Forward through the Greenheart Travel Club

Paying it Forward through the Greenheart Travel Club

Eleanor was a high school abroad participant last semester in Spain. During her time in Spain she was able to join the Greenheart Travel Club and volunteer by tutoring English to young kids. As a result of her volunteering Eleanor received a $250 grant from Greenheart further a project back at home in the USA. Below she describes how she used the grant.

Attending youth conferences and camp at The Mountain Learning and Retreat Center in Highlands, NC was a very rewarding opportunity that encouraged and facilitated a personal growth of character and leadership skills in me.  Therefore, I decided that the best use for my award was to make available the opportunity for other kids, like myself to attend a youth conference or camp at The Mountain.

In June of 2013 I attended services at the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship of Franklin where I gave a brief presentation about Greenheart Travel, my experience living in Spain and attending high school, and the volunteer programs and activities that I participated in. I explained to the fellowship that I had been recognized with a financial award to be given to a worthy not for profit organization. During this presentation I formally passed the check to the Youth Department for Youth Conferences and summer camp.

The UU Fellowship of Franklin was extremely appreciative and thanked me for this wonderful donation. The award money is to be used only to help youth attend conferences or camp at The Mountain Learning and Retreat Center. Conferences are held in the fall and spring of every year.  I am actively speaking and encouraging the youth that attend the UU Fellowship of Franklin to consider the dates and to make arrangements to attend the fall Youth Conferences for their appropriate ages.  These youth could not consider this without the financial assistance that will be available from my gift.

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