5 Ways Teachers Benefit from Travel

5 Ways Teachers Benefit from Travel

As the Outreach Coordinator at Greenheart Travel, I have the privilege of supporting wonderful teachers who are passionate about the educational values of cultural exchange. I have worked with teachers in a variety of departments from language to biology, sports and even math, all who share a passion for inspiring students to explore the world.

While my main role is to support students to travel abroad, I also love supporting teachers who want to travel, especially because I believe travel makes smarter, more engaged educators.

Here are 5 reasons why teachers benefit from a personal travel experience:

1. Be a Student Again:

Traveling brings out our desire to learn and our innate curiosity in the world. On an adventure abroad, we discover new perspectives and engage our critical thinking skills daily. Test out your foreign language skills, try new foods, and navigate a foreign public transportation system. These experiences sharpen the mind and challenge our assumptions, skills we aim to develop in the classroom, as well.

2. Reconnect with Your Inner Self:

Never undervalue the power of an exciting travel adventure! Often our best ideas come to us when we are able to reflect outside of work. Travel takes you away from the daily to-do lists and obligations, the constant ringing of our phone, and gives us perspective. Reconnect with yourself during a trip abroad, and come home with new inspiration, a deeper understanding of your passion as a teacher and a refreshed outlook!

3. Gain Professional Experience Abroad:

Dreaming of spending time abroad, but worried about focusing on your career and saving money? Greenheart Travel has unique work opportunities abroad over the summer teaching English. And of course, teachers make great candidates. Earn professional development units, develop your teaching skills, and make a positive impact in the lives of young students. Learn more about how you can teach abroad in Europe this summer.

4. Make an Impact:



Seeking a different type of trip abroad? You can inspire your students to be global leaders by volunteering abroad and demonstrating your passion for positive social change. These opportunities will also expand your network by connecting you to passionate individuals who care about the environment and important social causes.  Learn more about you can volunteer abroad!

5. Spoil Yourself!

Teaching is a tough and often under-appreciated profession that takes patience, flexibility, and a lot of heart. Travel may require a good amount of planning and resources, but it is one of the best “presents” you can give yourself.



All of us at Greenheart Travel love to support teachers who want to make their travel dreams a reality by helping them plan for their next adventure. To learn more about how you can travel for a change, get in touch by contacting Molly Fried at mfried@greenhearttravel.org or 1-888-ABROAD-1.

Tell us where you would like to travel this year. Comment below!

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  1. vivian itodo says:

    i would like to travel to dubai or singapore

  2. Adama Sene says:

    I’d like to travel to the USA or Swiss for the summer holidays.

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