Alumni Spotlight on Anna Bruns: Sharing an Exchange Experience in Australia

Alumni Spotlight on Anna Bruns: Sharing an Exchange Experience in Australia

Greenheart Travel’s high school abroad alumnus, Anna Bruns, recently put together a presentation about her study abroad experience for her classmates back home in Indiana. She shared her thoughts and photos of her host family, class schedule, new friends and fun excursions to illustrate her incredible time in Australia. Read on to get a glimpse into life abroad.

My Exchange Student Experience in Australia

To get started I took a few simple steps:

  • Talked with a Greenheart local coordinator
  • Talked with my parents
  • Worked out how my high school exchange program could be done
  • Followed through

My Journey to Australia and Settling In:

  • I took 4 flights by myself
  • Lived with a host family I have never met before (host mom and dad, and two host brothers)
  • Had to get used to a new school and a completely new class schedule

Meet my host family:


My class schedule in Australia included:

  • P.E.
  • Aquatics
  • Visual and Creative Arts
  • Marine Studies
  • Online courses

I met new people in Australia by putting myself out there and meeting other international exchange students, as well as local classmates. Here are a few of my new friends I made while studying abroad.


During my study abroad program in Australia I was able to experience new foods, visit Sydney and Bondi beach and see local wildlife.


When I had to say goodbye to my host family and new friends in Australia it was one of the hardest days, but I was also anxious to see my family and friends back home. Returning from my program abroad, I changed in a number of ways:

  • I became a vegetarian
  • I’m more laid back and not into fashion as much
  • I’m not as shy and able to put myself out there more
  • I’m more adaptable to changes in my life

This was the best experience of my life and I would recommend it to anyone. Studying abroad brings you out of your comfort zone and opens your eyes to new countries and cultures!

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  1. Margarite says:

    Did you have to redo a year in high school once you got back to America or did your exchange year count towards the year that you were supposed to be in?

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