Nov 28. On the train.
I love trains. I don’t know why. They’re more comfortable than planes, and you just feel much more travel-y when you hear the train cars bump and rattle against the tracks. I’m sitting facing the back of the train, watching Paris get further and further away as we head to Strasbourg. Yesterday I skipped school to take a train to Paris (alone!) to stay with some family friends. Their apartment overlooked a beautiful Parisian street and had a view of the sacred coeur in the distance right next to the moon. I don’t have a picture, but it was one of those “Paris is so cool” moments. This morning, I got up early and took the metro to the Gare de L’est (all by myself!) to meet a group of exchange students through WEP to head to Alsace for the weekend. I’m surrounded by conversations in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, and if there’s no common language-French!
November 30. On the train back to Le Puy.
So sad this weekend is over! We had a wonderful Friday and Saturday walking around the beautiful town of Colmar and walking through the famous Christmas markets. There’s not much to explain other than the old, colorful buildings is what makes Eastern France is so cool.
It was so nice to speak English for a whole 2 days and hang out with some new friends! I continually meet Australians and continually think they’re the coolest people I’ve ever met.
Can’t believe tomorrow is December! My last full month… Doesn’t seem possible.
Musée de jouets (history of toys), Christmas markets, and pretty streets.

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