End of One Adventure, the Start of Another

End of One Adventure, the Start of Another

Today is the last day I am in Quebec. I had the time of my life here learning enough French at Eduinter (Merici Collage) for my year abroad in France and also made amazing friends around the world also facing the same challenges as myself. Many people come from Colombia, Mexico, Denmark, Canada, Spain and even Thailand. The hardest thing to do is to leave it all today. However, this is also a blessing, something I have learnt really quickly is that people are supposed to be in your life, for a long amount of time, or a short amount of time, it doesn’t matter; it’s is just an honor that they were there in the first place. As I write I am in the airport heading to Montreal so I can rejoin with my mother after 5 weeks of separation and finally begin my new adventure in Paris, France.




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