First Day with Host Family

It’s eight o’clock Sunday night. I’ve been with my host family for 26 hours now. It’s hard to explain how I feel right now but I’ll try my best. My host family is so open, understanding and nice. My host father, Stephan, is a great cook. It’s weird though, eating so much. I’m definitely not used to a 3 to 4 course meal twice a day. I found out that I really am not a fan of eating dessert for 2 meals a day… or even one meal a day. I don’t know how to say I’m full in french so I will have to figure that out because they are trying to be polite and even though I say no they will give me some more or if I only take one chip they will keep motioning toward the plate which frustrates me because I really am not one to eat a lot but I don’t want to come across as rude. Anyway, today I met one of Faustine’s (my host sister) friends. He spoke a fair amount of English which was really nice because when he and Faustine would talk about something he would do his best to include me and tell me what they were talking about. Also, while we were watching the news he explained best he could what was going on. Unfortunately I arrived in Paris 5 days ago when the terrorist attack happened so that was kinda scary with all the military walking around everywhere. But the whole WEP group had a fun, jet lagged, parisian time. We didn’t do a lot of French speaking during those days so it really hit me what it was like to be around French constantly when I arrived here to my host family. I feel like a crop farmer but everyone around me is having a conversation about rocket science. It’s horribly difficult but not impossible over time. I have hope for the far future, but the near future I feel like is going to have a lot of fears and tears to overcome. I miss getting a hug from my mom everyday. I miss having as much physical touch as I used to have, like hugging and linking arms with my friends. I also really miss my boyfriends hugs and I don’t even care if it sounds stupid to those who are actually reading this because when you miss someone special so much it’s like every part of you yearns for them and only them. Those of you who has left your significant other to cross half a content and and sea and know’s you won’t see them for six months will understand what I mean. It’s scary the thought of not having them. But that also goes along with not having your friends and family with you every step of the way. It’s like I’m on a wobbly stair case and no one is here to hold my hand. Which may seem like an awful and scary thing, and even though it is scary I know it is teaching me to be more independent and to better myself and that’s a big part of the reason I even decided to make this journey in the first place. I start school tomorrow which I’m a little nervous about but at the same time I am just so tired all I can think of is snuggling up in my bed. Also before I forget I am posting pictures on if you want to see them 🙂

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