J’ai été accepté!

J’ai été accepté!

“Dear Taylor, Congratulations! You have been accepted to Greenheart Travel’s High School Abroad Program in France.”

Eeeep! The words still don’t seem real, but last week, I found out I was officially accepted to study abroad for the fall of my senior year! Any day now we will be sending off the first chunk of the payment-and there will be no going back!

Tomorrow is registration for the next school year, and while all of my friends are choosing their senior classes, I’ll be sitting back to dream of boire du café dans la matinée avec la vue de la France tout autour de moi (drinking coffee in the morning with the view of France all around me-only because I’m obsessed with coffee/ the idea of the solitude of a calm morning in an unfamiliar place) As I will be un-enrolling from my high school here in America (for the fall semester) to enroll abroad!

One of the quirky little things that I too often do is research every little thing I ever have a question about. I’m a very curious person, and lets be real-I can have all the answers with the touch of my fingertips to my keyboard…but it is just so hard to find information on studying abroad in high school! I’ve seen a few blogs, and several “but I cant take AP classes and I wont get into college if I study abroad!” columns, but not the kind of detailed info on the experience that I would normally crave for. However-this realization of really never knowing and never getting to unveil the experience due to the tough search of explanations has made me realize just how unique of an experience this truly is.

As Martin Buber said, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” And I can not wait to experience all of these things-these things that no one in the world could possibly understand unless they do it for themselves. I want to come home with more wisdom, tolerance, and optimism than I ever could have capacity for with out this experience. I guess some people who read this just won’t get it…but I swear this is what I was made for-to go take risks and get out of my comfort zone. I have a feeling that a year from now, that crave for adventure will be so strong I will never be able to shut it out.

Ps. When I say adventure-I don’t mean vacation travel. I mean that I want to explore and discover not just see and appreciate. I want to live and work and study and speak and be apart of other cultures and other lifestyles. That’s the best way I can explain myself.

 À la prochaine!



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