Leaving Tomorrow

The past few weeks, even the past few months, have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Some days I will be super confident and pumped and feel really great about myself being able to go on this adventure. Then, other days I will so down and cry and will be so scared that the most important people in my life will forget about me. Those bummer feelings never last long though. My friends and boyfriend have been so supportive and helped my through my anxiety and fears. 

But here I am the evening before my flight. Everything has been neatly packed in my suitcase and backpack and my friends are here to have dinner with me. I’m not really crazy excited or crazy sad. I’m more numb. I’ve gone through all the extreme emotions and so I’m at peace (with a little nerves) with how hard the first two months will be in a totally new world. I know I’ll cry a lot when the goodbyes come but thanks to my first french teacher I had when I moved to Colorado my sophomore year, I’ve learned how okay it is to make mistakes as long as your skills are growing and also to have tenacity. I will have to remember to have that when things get stressful. Even lately, in my most stressful times I still think of how lucky I am to have this life changing experience that will make memories I will carry for the rest of my life. I also see it as proving it to myself that I can do this and take the leap to better myself in something that I am passionate about. I feel like experiences that scare you are more worth the try and effort verses if they didn’t scare you. That’s why it’s called a leap because the chance of falling is there but landing victorious will be worth all the tears and fear. 
I am so excited to meet my fellow exchange students and my host family and tell my family and friends in america all about my experiences abroad. 🙂 

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