Photo blast

Photo blast

Pictures from my new temporary home❤️

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Boone is one of a kind. And man do I love that place and the people there.
But I’m becoming really fond of this city. It’s as French as they come. It’s small enough to still be cultural and not get lost, yet large enough to always have somewhere to go, somewhere to explore-and all in walking distance. Everyone is so nice, and I’ve even found a bakery that I’ve become a regular at. Saturday mornings are packed with vegetable, fruit, cheese and pastry vendors, hundreds of people and tourists are filling the squares…it’s really really awesome.
I’m learning so much about the culture, people, and myself. I have more strength than I thought I had, and am finding that I have more motivation than in the past as well. Learning french is becoming a need rather than a want so I think as my brain starts to recognize that, I’m becoming more motivated to learn-and fast. I’m gaining more patience for others and for myself, I’m learning just how much I appreciate my family and friends and America. Not that France isn’t really great, but I’m really blessed to live where I do and have the people in my life who I do. I’m gaining a new love for learning, probably because I’m so eager to be able to communicate without pulling out my mini French-English dictionary, and I also miss sitting in a classroom and understanding what I’m learning. I also have learned just how much I love bread and cheese.

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