I Have My Host Family Placement for France!

I Have My Host Family Placement for France!

Today I found out my host family placement! It is a family of 4-the mom, dad, and their 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son. This is so crazy.

Anyways. They live in a tiny town in the South of France.


However, the school I will be attending is in a different town (it looks a little bigger) which is only 5 minutes away from the town I will live in.

The South of France is so beautiful I’m just so excited.

Of course, with another official step taken comes another fear struck inside of me. I guess looking at pictures and websites life just seems so normal! (Which it is of course) I just hope I can get used to life there, but not so much that it stops feeling like an adventure.

More than anything, I’m excited for the day I come home and go into my french teachers classroom and can have a real conversation in french. That will just be incredible!

Life is an adventure, and I dont want to waste one minute of time fulfilling life to its greatest depth of discovery.


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