Post Trip Post about France

Post Trip Post about France

I’ve been home for 47 days now, and it’s strange.

Sometimes, I forget the last 5 months happened. Sometimes, I feel like I am worlds apart from who I was before France.

In the last 47 days, I have moved into a new house, began my senior year, reconnected with new friends and let go of old ones, evaluated myself and how I have changed yet stayed the same, and most of all, realized the impact such a trip has had on me.

I have become stronger in my independence, yet weaker in my love and need for support.
I have become patient with others, yet impatient for my future.
I have learned my love for language and travel, yet realized I love my home.
I have changed over the course of 5 months, and am accepting that others in my life have as well.
I have seen that I have more courage than I thought, yet am still scared for the bravery I will have to have in the future.
I have gained appreciation for my friends, but understand that there are billions of people in this world you can connect with just as well.
I have gained appreciation for my family, but have learned that home is where you let yourself feel at home.
I have learned that sometimes, you can expect outcomes and experiences and get things completely different. Some of those differences will suck, and some will be incredible. You will be okay.

I learned that french rap is very strange, I shouldn’t eat fries without a fork in public, it’s “grenouille” not “grenoyly”, and, sometimes, life isn’t as glamorous as Instagram makes it appear.

I look back on pictures and I think… “that happened?” “I was there?”
It wasn’t easy or perfect by any means…and there have been consequences with my friendships and relationships back home, but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.
I think everyone should have the opportunity to do something like this. It’s hard! You’re thrown into a new country, school, family, language.. and just have to go with it. It gets lonely and difficult and questionable. But regret?! I can’t even say that word.

The beauty of learning and living and being in an new place with completely different people and a new culture-walking down roads of a new city, eating foods you couldn’t even find back home, practicing a new language, laughing with friends from all over the world who you could have never met otherwise…it’s unreal.
I guess the point of this is to say being home is wonderful. I feel refreshed and experienced and different. I will forever hold Le Puy and the people I met there in my heart. Thank you to everyone who supported me in this journey, I am looking forward to the next chapter of adventure in my life.

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