Roi de l’oiseau

Roi de l’oiseau

Every year Le Puy has a 5 day event called the Roi de l’oiseau (King of the bird)
This year, the 29th annual.
The entire city and it’s citizens transform the town, the food, the clothes, even the homes, back in time to the Renaissance. (It’s seriously so cool and makes me so happy to be able to share it with you all)
Almost everyone in the city is wearing costumes, especially on Friday and Saturday night, when me and my host sister went. For example:


Sorry for the unflattering picture. But yeah. It was SO fun.
There’s entertainment everywhere-bands, plays, dancers… The local theatre company has people dress up as lepers, as kings and queens, as soldiers. You really feel like you’ve gone back in time.
I tried to take some pictures, but it was so crowded and got dark fast and didn’t have a chance… But no fear, I found some fantastic google images for you all !

IMG_1610.JPG IMG_1611.JPG IMG_1613.JPG

Some people and families will move into big tents and cook over fire and live for 5 days eating, talking, dressing and living as if it really is their life. How cool is that!

IMG_1617.JPG IMG_1615.JPG IMG_1614.JPG IMG_1616.JPG

Pretty much everyone is drinking, being loud, singing, dancing, eating, and laughing. It was a really fun atmosphere and reminded me how awesome it is that I’m here.
Now.. For some pictures that I did take.

IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1604.JPG IMG_1585.JPG IMG_1607.JPG IMG_1570.JPG IMG_1560.JPG IMG_1563.JPG IMG_1569.JPG

It was fun to have a couple nights out on the town, and experience something really unique to the city.

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