School, Food and the City

This past week has been a little more uneventful than most. I did a lot, but it was nothing much out of the ordinary. Like most weekends I went out to downtown Rennes and walked around with Eliza. The weather has been pretty cold and it’s been raining a lot but at least for those three hours it was pretty nice out! Sunday wasn’t that fun of a day. I ate a good breakfast then we went to my host dad’s mother’s house for lunch. Her cooking was amazing so that made me feel a little better but after lunch my host parents left somewhere so I was stuck in a room with my two host siblings until almost 5 o’clock in a room watching American Dad in french and eating candy. Remember when I told you how they ate? Yeah, so not the best time. I didn’t even have wifi so I spent that time organizing all the pictures in my phone into files. I have 217 pictures of Pim and I’ve taken 233 pictures here in France so far. I wanted to take a picture of my friend Saku and I today because we were both wearing very similar flannel shirts! I really enjoy all the people in my class. Unlike most of the other classes, everyone in my class is very open and very willing to help me when I have even the stupidest of questions. They help me with my school work too, but not so much to where I don’t do anything. For example; I had to make a presentation with a friend about solar energy. She made me research and write my whole presentation and then she went over it with me and corrected it for me! I didn’t have to present it today and I don’t have that class (SVT) for another two weeks so we will see how that goes. Another thing at school that’s new is that there are four kids from Nebraska, they are only here for about five days though. They leave on Wednesday. It’s weird though, I felt like an elder in a tribe talking to foreigners. Explaining the way of life in France. None of their french speaking skills were good enough to ask a francophone, so my class asked me to just answer their questions in English which was kinda really nice feeling useful and not like a burden to my classmates, which was a new experience for me. I guess that’s isn’t totally true. I tried to help my friend Emma, whom I became pretty close to, with her French. She’s from Ireland and was only here for five weeks, I wish she was here for longer because we clicked so well. We will probably stay in touch though. I forgot to mention that Wednesday, since it was a half day, that Eliza, Alyssa and Emma and me all went shopping and got snacks and just had so much fun roaming downtown. That’s what I think I’m going to miss the most when I leave here in June, the feeling of just walking around in such a beautiful city and getting lost in the cobblestone streets is just a feeling I’m not sure I can find in America. I guess that means I have to come back someday!
My English teacher wants me to start helping “teach” the class in someway, she doesn’t know how she wants me to help yet but when she figures it out I’m sure I can handle it!
I forgot to mention that the week before last there was an eclipse but the teachers made everyone stay in the classrooms because they didn’t want the student during their eyes. It was a very cloudy day so one could not see the eclipse until the end of the whole thing so I didn’t miss much there.
I’m now starting to really watch what I eat and I’m trying to at least do some sit-ups every day. I’m not ashamed that I’ve gained a little extra on the sides because, hey, I’m in France! It would be more weird if I didn’t gain! So I went to a healthy store and made some trail mix that I eat for breakfast, then now at lunch I don’t get a baguette sandwich, instead I’ll just get a salad. For dinner our food is always home cooks and not very unhealthy but I’m still cutting my potions down a little bit. I’m taking this more as a challenge than a chore. Yet another thing that I have to overcome and once I achieve my goal it will feel so awesome! Also, it makes me feel less guilty knowing I’ve been eating small, healthy meals when I cheat and eat two too many churros… they were so good though… sorry, Mom I know you don’t approve of that kind of behavior.
Sorry my blog posts are all over the place, I will work on that next week!

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