Schools out!!

Well sophomore year is over. 🙂 2 months left before I leave for France. I feel like this year in French was much better than last year. I listened to every lecture, took every note, did every worksheet I could get my hands onto. I even got a tutor so I could have even more French. This summer is just going to be about French. I will still see my tutor, but I want to do more. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do, but I will soon. This week I was very proud of my self because everything I said in English I would try and translate into French in my head. I would say that I could do about 50% of it which to me is really good.


I have been talking to my host family every chance I get. I mainly converse with my host Mother and Brother who is 11. Our emails are usually in French with an English translate underneath. Pretty soon they said they are going to just do French, because it will help me more. My host brother also added me on Skype so we can talk more. We are probably going to video chat soon. I cant wait!!

Currently dreaming about… French Macaroons!!!

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