Salut tout le monde! J’espère que vous allez bien!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well. (whoever is reading this)

I’m currently on my 7th week here in Le Puy, and my feelings continue to ebb and flow. But wow! I’m learning so much so quickly. Talking continues to be a challenge, but understanding conversations (or even class!) is slowly becoming decently easy. And reading/writing is by far the most improved. I’m currently reading “The Old Man and the Sea” in English and French (the book is double sided with each language) and with a few glances at the English version just for vocab reference, I can read and comprehend the French version with almost no trouble! Every time I finish a page I feel a sense of accomplishment.

—-> Side note on this; I’ve never realized just how cool (and important) language is. I mean, it’s pretty darn cool that millions of people all can communicate in a single way in the first place. When I talk or write English (like right now) I can’t help but be awestruck just by being able to so easily communicate. I’m also so thankful that I know English already because if you really analyze the structure of our sentences or common phrases, they don’t make sense if you were to take them literally. I’m probably just rambling because this feeling is really something you’d have to experience for yourself.

Communication is really cool and I’m excited to be learning a new way of communicating to a new group of millions of people, that’s my point.

Some things that have happened in the last few weeks:

I took a selfie with the town. Quite successful. I’m living here!



We took a short drive to the country. Here you see a small village ft. a snow white look alike house


The sunrise on my way to school is always nice.



Showed my family an American breakfast. Eggs, bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, and I tried to make hash browns but it was too hard so that was a fail.



Cafeteria food continues to surpass American public school standards


I got stuck in the pouring rain for about 30 minutes under a random persons roof.


Rode a moped with a friend from school. Here, a moped is your 16th birthday gift, not a car. It was way more fun than a car.


Spent the day with an Australian girl who is also on exchange here. We indulged in some good food.


And finally, I discovered that there’s a GIANT park in the middle of town. My new happy place…cant believe I’m just now finding this.


Anyways…All is well here in France. Missing home, but not enough to want to leave here. Learning so much about the world and myself. Really content.

A bientot!


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