Settled in Germany

Settled in Germany

Hallo! Since this is my first post, I’ll explain what this blog is about. At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to go abroad for a little while. I searched the internet and found a website called Greenheart. With this program you could choose from many different countries and you could also choose how long you wanted to stay. After thinking for a while, I decided to go for Germany for a semester. I waited months and did several interviews until the program accepted me! I soon got all of my information about where I would be staying and who I would be staying with. It was a small town called Kenzingen (with about 6,000 people). I would be staying with a family consisting of my parents; Bodo and Ulrike, and my siblings; Tobias, Jana, and Anita.

So far it has been amazing. I flew from Boston to Munich, to Bäsel, where my host father, Bodo, and my sisters, Jana and Anita came and picked me up. We drove about an hour and finally made it to my new home! It is a 3 story house with a basement in which I am staying in. It is a great room because it is the coldest, and so far Germany has been very hot. Anyways, I came inside and met my host mother, Ulrike, and my host brother, Tobias. They showed me around the house and then I went outside with Tobias and Jana and kicked around a soccer ball. After about 30 minutes, we came inside and ate lunch. We had spaghetti and sauce with a salad. After that, Jana, Anita and I rode our bikes for about 10 minutes to a giant outside swimming pool! It had diving boards and slides, and was very fun.

After that, they brought me to see my school, the real-schüle, which I will be attending with Jana starting next week. We rode home and had dinner, sandwiches and left over pasta. Then, Toby, Jana, and Anni showed me a new card game and we played for quite a while until coming inside and watching the Bayern München soccer game!

Today, my second day here, we had bread for breakfast, than Anni, her friend Martina, and I took a train to a town of about 20,000 people where we walked and looked in stores.

So far, it has been amazing, but there have been some tough times. It is hard at meals because only Anni and Bodo speak English well, so the talk is usually in German, which I can barely understand. I am learning though. I have some workbooks to help me and Anni has been helping me a lot.

Well, that is all for now, I’ll try to update my blog about once a week, but for now, Tchüss!

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