Christmas Party at my Japanese High School!

Christmas Party at my Japanese High School!

This post is so late but I thought it’s better late than nothing right?

Last December, my Japanese high school had a Christmas Concert organised by the Pop Music club and it was amazing! Our school has so many wonderful bands and talented people. Again, a lot of fun and the dance club I was in performed four performances! I was on the Crayon Pop team so we did the “oh-so-hot” BarBarBar. The special thing is that group had three boys and two girls (me and Miia), our main goal was to be funny 😉
The other group did Vixx’s song which I don’t know the name of and finally the boys got together to perform their original work ‘Legal High’. They are specialized in locking and breaking so it was very cool! We also had a group dance with a total of 10 members. I think the song was called Crash?
I’m so happy I was part of this club full of talented yet kind people. I love and miss them so much!
Also we made our own Santa costumes so don’t judge!

Rehearsals Crayon Pop group!
Vixx team!
The show menu
Enjoying live concerts
Speaking as the MC >_<
The handsome boys team!

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