The birthday post!

The birthday post!

Hey guys, been a while hasn`t it? I just got done having a great sushi dinner for my birthday, it was interesting. This post will mostly be a photo dump, pictures speak louder than words!


 Sara, and Mirai


 The family dog Peta.

 The family dog, Peta.

 I accidentally added my train route picture, but i am too lazy to remove it. so here.

 Even the microwave noodles are good!

 The Sony headquarters in Shibuya

 The following photos are examples of strange japanese T.V

 I dont know what a muscat basket is.
I am officially a Lunch Viking.

If there was anything I have ever regretted, it was pressing this button.

Tokyo station

And now: the birthday pictures!
My host family threw me one heck of a party tonight, with sushi and birthday cake!
 They suprised me with decorations!
 Yes, there is squid in my sushi.
 Naruto was on for the first time ive seen it here! i got lucky during dinner!
 I got to wear the birthday glasses!

The spoils^
It means: I hope to win.
So, as you can see, I`m having a great time here, and I start school on monday, so wish me luck!
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