First Impressions of Japan

First Impressions of Japan

Well guys, I have spent a few days in Japan so far, and i have a few stories to tell. Let`s start from the minute I got off the plane:

Caleb and I, (after an 11 hour plane ride that was suprisingly comfortable), had a smooth ride through customs, and met up with another exchange student, Erin, we went to the hotel with our JFIE representative. We then had a late night snack, and snuck into our room while our roomate, Alex, was sleeping.

The next morning, we were introduced to our Coordinators, and had about 4 hours of lessons. We then went to the mall, and I had my first real Japanese ramen bowl, and it was everything I expected and more.

After lunch, we went on an assignment to find different stores, and asking directions from strangers. After we finished, we had about an hour of free time, which me and Caleb used to go look around some stores.
We found a number of interesting stores, but a few names made us laugh out loud, such as Monky`s High, which turned out to be a hat store.
I also managed to embarass myself in a watch store. Caleb and I were looking for some cheap watches, but we could only find expensive ones. So instead of asking “腕お気はやすい毒ですか”? (where are the cheap watches)?、I said, “安いですか”?(Is it cheap)? So, it`s safe to assume that the employee gave me the biggest look of confusion I have seen yet. I managed to just point at Caleb, and walk away before I died of embarassment.
I`ll fill you guys in on my host family in my next post, when I get to know them a bit better, and I get a good picture of them. So, I think that concludes this post, don`t forget to let me know what you think! ごめなさい!

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