Biking, Beach Time and other Barcelona Adventures

Biking, Beach Time and other Barcelona Adventures

I am really enjoying my time studying abroad in Barcelona! I finally understand Catalan, now i just need to learn to speak it.

The day I arrived it was the national day of Catalunya, so my family took me to the parade. Last week was the festivals of the Saint of Barcelona, (Mercè) so there were concerts and parties everywhere, which I really enjoyed with my friends. I have gone around Barcelona biking with my host father, that way I can see the city. Also just the other day I went surfing in with some friends from school because the waves were 6 feet high!

Check out my photos from my high school abroad experience in Spain!

The following two photos are from the National Day of Catalunya, and this was the parade/march for independence. We were aligned in colors to create the Catalan flag.

Parade-in-Barcelona Celebration-in-Barcelona

This is the only picture I have from when I went surfing in Barcelonetta, and it is of my friend Mae (left) who goes to my school and my other friend Anna (right) who goes to the University in Barcelona. We were carrying the surfboards in the metro.


This photo is of my me and my friends at one of the many festivals in Barcelona (the Mercè) that I attended. The one below is from a concert during the Mercè.

Making-friends-in-Spain Concert-in-Barcelona-2


We were excited to see a famous Catalan group called Txarango (pronounced Charango) who was playing at Barcelonetta on the beach.


These photos were from when my host family took me to the Prepirineos to their mountain house! I was there with my host sister, and my host parents (my host brother didn’t come).


host-family-in-Barcelona hiking-with-my-host-family-in-Spain

Primer de batxillerat (my grade) went on a field trip to the MNAC museum. This photo is of me (right) and my friend from my class Elena (left) in front of the MNAC. The picture below that one is from the MNAC where you get an amazing view of Barcelona, which, unfortunately, isn’t done any justice from this photo.



friends-in-Barcelona    Barcelona-skyline Program-blog-button




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