First Week Down

First Week Down

I made it through the first week here in Don Benito! It was a bit of a culture shock to say the least, from meeting new people everyday, a school much different from mine back home, a town much different from what I’m used to, to hearing Spanish everyday all day and not being able to communicate very well. But I have to say the best way to handle it all is with laughter. Each day I’m learning so much, it can be very exhausting, so the midday siesta I’ve become accustom to. I joined the local gym and I’ve found that a good workout is the perfect way to relieve the stress of culture shock.

I love talking with my host family and my friends about the differences between life here and my life back home. School is very different and everyone is very interested in high school in the US. Luckily my mom is sending me my yearbook so I can show pictures of my high school and compare how different it is.

One thing I love here is how close everything is, that we can walk everywhere and there are always people out and about. One thing my friends do a lot is go out to the main avenue, that has all the shops, and sit in a café in the plaza and just chat about everything. And all my friends are very stylish so it’s fun to get dressed up and go out at night.

The language is tough for me but little by little I’m learning it everyday. I miss everyone back home but I’m having a good time so it’s hard to think about it too much. I’m very lucky to be here and I’m enjoying the time I have, because I can already tell it’s going to go by very fast!



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