New Beginnings in Badajoz, Spain

be an exchange student in Spain

A lot has happened during my exchange program in Spain since the last time I have blogged. I left Madrid to meet my host family, I started school, and I have made a lot of friends, started playing on a basketball team and I got a job. It all has been a bit overwhelming but it gets a little easier every day.

I was really nervous sitting in the train far Madrid to Badajoz; I kept wondering what my host family was going to be like. I had talked to them via e-mail and I had seen pictures, but I kept wondering if they were going to be the way I imagined them to be. Finally after 5 long hours we arrived in Badajoz, as we stepped off the train we were greeted with a welcome sign and both families coming to greet us. We then all drove to our houses to get settled in and I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is. It is a three level house, not including the garage, and out back there is a basketball hoop and swimming pool. There is a Play Station upstairs and a TV in my room, and it seemed the more I saw of the house the better and better it got. My new parents for three months and my new brother were very nice and caring; it made me feel very welcome in a strange new environment. It also helped that my brother lives 3 minutes away and my parents said he can spend the night whenever I want.

bryce-in-spainA couple days later school had finally begun and let’s just say I was only a little nervous. But as soon as I entered the class room that all went away, everyone kept saying hello and were very friendly. Learning was hard because I didn’t understand anything anybody said, it was really frustrating. Luckily the teachers and students were really nice and were willing to talk slower and use words that I could understand. The kids in school seem to be amazed how tall I am, which is really funny because I have never been the tallest kid in school, but now I tower over almost everyone.

I have started practicing with the local basketball team, and finally I am one of the tallest kids. Everyone on the team is very nice and very funny, every time we practice I always a fun time. Finally I have gotten my first job, I am teaching little kids English in a school/academy. Now my dad has been calling me Professor Bryce, which I find really funny!

I will be blogging more now that I have settled in and gotten more comfortable with my new life.  I will keep you updated on my later endeavors and adventures.



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