Practicing Basketball and Spanish While Studying Abroad

Practicing Basketball and Spanish While Studying Abroad

Spain has been going great and although there is nothing new, I thought I would blog about the last three weeks of my study abroad program. Basketball has been great and our team is undefeated so far, I have started taking Spanish classes to improve my Spanish skills, and I have tried many new and exciting foods.

Basketball has been great, we beat our rival team yesterday 71-50 and I had 10 points and 5 rebounds! We practice Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 – 10:30 and the coach is really funny, but also very strict. My team is very nice and everyone is very funny, and even though the practices are hard everyone manages to have fun.

Today I will start taking Spanish classes with Chase and the other American that came to Spain. I hope this will help me get a better understanding of language and help me learn it faster.

There are so many foods here it is unbelievable! Last week I had cooked lizard meat and I expected it to taste very bad, but when I tried it I really liked it, it tasted like chicken. I also went to Portugal to eat with Javier’s grandparents and I had fish, but it was the biggest fish I had ever seen and it was cooked and still had the spine and tail! But it was the best fish I have ever had in my life and I would gladly eat it again.

That’s all that has happened in the past three weeks; hopefully the next few weeks will be more eventful. I will be blogging after my next adventure or experience in Spain.


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