Dinner at Hotel Havanna

Dinner at Hotel Havanna

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In honor of Mei Mei and MorMors birthday on Sunday the whole family went out to eat tonight at a fancy Cuban restaurant located in the famous Hotel Havanna here in Varberg. the hotel is super cool and the inside really makes you feel like you are in Cuba! The best part is the hotel is a mere 5 minute walk from our house. So we had everyone over to our house before to enjoy some drinks on the balcony and catch some sun rays before dinner.

We headed to dinner at around 6. The menu was small (compared to that of an American restaurant at least), and offered 3 starters, 6 main courses, and 3 desserts. We all ordered a starter to begin with – I got the scallop caviar artichoke soup and WOW was it good. The other two options were a small shrimp sandwich or a warm goat cheese honey sandwich (sounds familiar doesn’t it).

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For my main entrée I got a vegetable pasta dish. I am always a bit weary about ordering pasta while out to eat because often the portions sizes are just so big and the pasta is not very good. This however was honestly quite possibly the best pasta dish I have ever had. The noodles were so thin and fresh they tasted as if they had just been homemade from scratch. The vegetable sauce was light, yet filling and was filled with zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, and tons of other goodies. Literally, I was in heaven. Everyone else agreed that their food was quite good. Mats, Douglas, and the kids had duck while Bea and Mor Mor had cod.

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I was way to stuffed for dessert, but as always MeiMei managed to rally herself for some chocolate and got a warm chocolate mud cake for dessert. I swear I have never meet someone who loves chocolate as that girl.

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It was a great night and now I am left stuffed, happy, and exhausted. Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be sunny and high 60s! Bea and I plan to take a long walk in the forest and take some fun pictures. Bea is a great photographer so I cannot wait to see how they turn out.

Exactly one week from now I will be in Stockholm cannot wait! Fingers crossed this beautiful weather stays until then.


Swedish Word of the Day: “middag” – dinner

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