Getting Lazy

Getting Lazy

Homemade pizza from tonight. SO GOOD! We make our own fresh dough, then I topped mine with olive oil, heaps of veggies, basil, red pepper flakes, and salt/pepper. I love homemade pizzas because they not only taste better than those from restaurants, but they are so much healthier and you get to put on exactly what you want! I made Bea promise that we will make these at least one more time before I go. (PS yes – I did finish this entire thing. It was bigger than my head!)


Okay I know I have been getting lazy with my posts, but as my time here winds down and the weather gets nicer, I want to make sure I make every minute count! Which means I would like to spend as much time away from electronics as possible, but I also do really love my blog and want to be able to look back on this when I grow up so I will dig deep and find motivation to push through these final few weeks and keep on blogging.

This weekend was my last “lazy weekend” so to say, as literally all my remaining weekends are jam packed with graduation parties, trips, and of course Swedish Mid-Somer!

Saturday I woke up had a yummy breakfast then headed out to the market in town. As the weather gets nicer, the market has gotten bigger and bigger! Now the square is filled with at least 50+ venders selling anything from socks to jewelry to homemade bread to produce, etc. The market comes every Wednesday and Saturday. After I was done shopping I came home had some lunch, then worked in the garden for a few hours. At around 3, Bea and I headed to her cousins summer house for some Fika. Summer houses are super common here in Sweden. They are basically just super small cottages where people come to spend the summer and are located along the coast. Beas cousins house was beautiful. Small and quaint with a huge garden and outdoor patio, it was perfect.

After our Fika we headed home where I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the balcony reading my book. For dinner we grilled out at ate out on our patio. Once I was stuffed with fishcakes and veggies, I went for a long bike ride with my friend to watch the sunset. I swear Swedish sunsets are the best in the world.

Today, I went to a spin class and a yoga class in the morning. After that I was exhausted, and except for a short walk with Bea, I spent my afternoon laying on the couch watching some hockey. Perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me. For dinner we had homemade pizzas as you can see from my picture above.

This will be a big week for me, Tuesday I have the kiddos to myself, then I will go to a cosmetic party at my friends house on Wednesday, no school for me on Thursday as my class will be taking the National Math exam, and finally on Friday I will be touring a sister school of ours a few towns over. Cannot wait!


Swedish Word of the Day – “lat” – lazy

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