Goteborg Loving, Movie Watching, Kind of Weekend

Goteborg Loving, Movie Watching, Kind of Weekend

Sorry for the no blog post yesterday, but that was because I literally spent allllll day in my beloved Goteborg. Honestly, out of everything Goteborg is one of the things I am going to miss most. I am a city girl at heart, I love the hustle and bustle, the big buildings, having everything within walking distance, the people, the shopping, uh I could go on and on!

Goteborg is unlike any city I have ever experienced in America. There are no sky scrapers, the ground is not littered with trash, pigeons and beggars do not line the streets, and most strange of all – they’re are no cars! No taxis, no constant blaring of the horns or sprinting to make it across the cross walk in time. None of that.

Instead you have peaceful trams to take you wherever you may want to go. The skyscrapers are replaced with quaint buildings with great detailing that are mostly only a few stories tall. Parks fill the city, filled with walkways, benches, and flowers to help give the city life. Not to mention the gorgeous river complete with many stunning bridges that runs straight through the heart of town.

Yesterday I took an early train down did some shopping, had an amazing lunch at one of the many great restaurants Goteborg has, relaxed in a park and read my book, had fika with a friend at a super cute quaint café, then saw my first ever movie in Sweden – The Book Thief.

Movie Theaters in Sweden are basically just like that in America. The one I went to reminded me a lot of Ipic actually. They show tons of movies with at least half, probably more, English speaking ones. (Yes, they did show The Book Thief in English). The biggest difference that I would have to say would be the price. There is no set price, each movie has a different one based off of how new/popular it is. The cheapest movie being around 100 krona (~$18) to 160 krona (~$25). Needless to say I did enjoy my movie, but I will most likely not make a habit of attending the cinema as I have much better things to do with that kind of money – like go shopping!

Today I woke up and it was so foggy I could not even see the fortress from my window. I have never experienced anything like it, you literally cannot see 50 ft in front of you. That does not stop the Swedes though, as I write this and look out my window I can see at least 10 black blobs fighting through the mist while out on their walks. I went out this morning and tried to take some pictures, but it was hard to capture just how crazy the fog is. Defiantly one of those “you have to see it to believe it things”.

Only one more week of school then we have break. This week is pretty exciting actually – Tuesday Cooking with Hannah (the highlight of everyone’s week obviously), then Wednesday I am going to the circus, Friday is Mei Meis big birthday bash (a magician is even coming so you know it is legit), and finally Saturday Analiese will come and spend the night hopefully.

The time keeps on flying by! Jag hoppa du har en bra dag!

Here are some pictures I tried to take this morning:


Swedish Word of the Day: “påsklov” – what we call Easter Break in Sweden

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